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Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:Washington, Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Behold Sammka, keeper of a very, very unfocused livejournal. About half of this is me talking about myself and my own life, and half is basically political rants. Lately I've been cutting back on the rants, it seems. We'll see if I reevaluate this statistic later on.

I was born via cesarian section. I have a mother and a father, two living grandparents, and a slew of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I used to have a very cute bunny named Emma, but she passed away on September 12th, 2007. I once had a dog. I like walnuts, but hate olives. I want to know everything, and sometimes I think I already do.

I have a strange obsession with this poem, "Siren Song" by Margaret Atwood. Don't assume, though, that you know which figures, if any, I particularly relate to, because even I don't.

My default icon is by an artist named Adolfo Busi. I can't find the original picture and am trying to track down more pictures by him that are along the same lines. If you help me out, I'll like you a lot.

If you want to add me to your friends list I'd rather if you left me a note saying who you are, unless you think I already know you or something. I might seem to ignore you for a while and then add you- most likely I'm just keeping an eye on your journal a while before I actually let you read my friends-only entries. I used to be better at adding people back than I currently am, but it's just getting hard to read people on my friends list and to keep track of everyone in general.

Emergency information is in the first post of this journal. It is locked as "private."

Send a valentine: My Valentinr - sammka

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80's music, abnormal psychology, abstract mathematics, adolfo busi, agape, ancient mythology, anti-sitcoms, antoine de saint-exupéry, artemisia gentileschi, asperger's syndrome, baudelaire, beauty, being vague and evasive, bio-drag, birds, biting people, bohumil hrabal, border-dwelling, brian andreas, brian froud, cats, celtic music, cestina, charles de lint, children's books, counting crows, crow girls, crows, cty, cuddling, cute fluffy bunnies, czech, czech republic, dan bern, dancing alone, dancing at goth clubs, daniel clowes, daphne gottlieb, david bowie, deleuze and guattari, depeche mode, disorganized religion, drag, drawing, eating, education, egon schiele, epicureanism, feminism, food, freak pride, freaks, free john hinckley, geek pride, gender, gender activism, gender studies, genderpac, ghost world, ghosts, girly-boys, good food, gothic aesthetics, graphic arts, harold and maude, hedonism, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hermeneutics, icon snobbery, identity politics, illustration, insanity, j.d. salinger, jan svankmajer, jean-pierre jeunet, jesus, jiri trnka, johnny cash, judith butler, kate bornstein, knives, kopir rozsywal bestar, labyrinth, lenore, leonard cohen, lesbians, libertines, lilo and stitch, living in the past, mental health issues, moral ambiguity, morrissey, mylene farmer, mythology, nature, nonviolent discourse, not falling into categories, obscure authors and artists, obsessive-compulsive disorder, october project, optimistic nihilism, ordinary wonders, oscar wilde, otherness, overalls, performance-harassment, personal mythology, pet shop boys, pete and pete, peter sis, phenomenology, poe, poetic terrorism, pomosexuality, postmodernism, prague, praha, pretty things, quakers, quaking, ranting, rasputina, rene magritte, semiotics, sensualism, sexuality, shiny things, sirens, sleeping, something positive, statistics, stuffed animals, subculture, surrealism, tatu in russian, the cure, the lamb's war, the magnetic fields, the sandman, the smiths, tori amos, trans issues, uz jsme doma, vegetarians, visual arts, vocabulary, wang fei, wildlife, zuby nehty
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